Imperceptible and without realizing, we splayed kiss marks

on all the rooms, thus reinventing appealing spaces.

Without a backward glance, without you noticing

I turned around to admire these melodramatic noises.

What stars (unraveling)      What misgivings (feathery)

clustered in veiled circumference, this nomadic sequence!

Outskirts of a hastened ride spell a textural thicket:

shell, bone, feather, bare chest, hair pigment

flared out reflections, lizards and chalk, cranes

native of Flanders, a bellyful wielding, caught in.

Part of this is panting, tepid and predetermined

like a nasal voice or the shape of a palm of a hand

and part is clenched in accordion folds

opening over the linear lowlands of agitated sea fowl.

But what downy bracelet of crotch, pelvic burrows slide!

What meticulous soft impressions happened that night!

for more poems from this series, go to:


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