Osiris 75

Two more poems from my series, In a Form of Suspension, have recently appeared in the wonderful print magazine OSIRIS, edited by Andrea Moorhead.  This beautifully produced magazine began in 1972.

Crisp Hallucination

Ah, there’s the incomplete snow

twisting a wheel blood stare down my personal streets again

It strings the wherewithal, the velvet hurt,

my quotable flippant guttural bindings

The moisture of the wind’s solo step

unwinds noon madrigals

and the unbearable drive of a drum repeats the position

A lofty fever releases its familiar touch–

to straggle, to partially lose

and to echo the black friction

My Bearings

I’ve lost that maroon blur, the blush of your dahlias

and my slopes are dropping back

I see bees reeling in a chill caused by the white owl

as the ash lady presses glistening antlers into wide shadows

in the midst of an orchestral beam I hear sharp weeping

this is the heart’s crown pointed to either mock or smother

it falls, it falls in minerals befitting the bitter rim

of a grotto,an oval lull with an absurd nest for a hasty separation

do not do that irresistible thing and be serene

while we are encapsulated in the airtight speck of an artful kiss

do not


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